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About Me and All My Friends

About Me : I was a boy who was born in 18 july 1989 in Indonesia precisely in Papua, Manokwari. My father is a retired civil servant from the navy. My mother was a good housewife. I am very happy with the things that smelled like a ghost story or mystery treasure. friends used to call me with the name "Kris". I live to move because of my parents. so I have many friends. but my nature is very shy and I'm also a coward but I really appreciate friends. actually I'd love born in another country but it was their own country which is Indonesia is a country that I love. I love music so me and some friends formed a band called "Aikawa Band" and I play bass guitar. I really like slow rock music wing and Rege. I also love watching TV and movies are most faforit detective conan and Harry Potter. I have a brother who is married and has two daughters also a female cousin who always accompany me at home.

This is a photo on my college campus a place that is at the State University of Manado. on the left is my friend who named Iswanto Djumaati and beside myself. This photo taken in 2009 two years ago from now. He and I are very close friends we even used to joke to anger.

behind it is our head office at the university where we take care of the place for the smooth administration of our college. Our campus really needs to be improved and added some technology equipment.

if the photo on the right is a photo of CCN (Field Work Experience) which is implemented in the village of South Tondano Urongo districts in Indonesia. This activity is part of the courses that we have a contract and complete. aims to help and socialize with residents in the vicinity. the far left is "Ingthyan Palandeng" and "Sheila Sumarandak", "Peggy Silvana Katuuk", "Putri Dewi Samiun", "Diane Koloay", "Alfa Sanggelorang", "Rofian Tamadia", Me and "Joyke Kandeyand who took this picture is "Ririn Yuniati". Our activities are many and these activities run for 3 months more. Much had happened between us whether it's mocking each other, anger, hate, and the others but it is already commonplace in such activities. Alfa Sanggelorang is chairman of our trust. In this area there is a famous lake in Indonesia is also the Lake Tondano.

This photo was taken at the high school completion. This is a high school friends over. they were very happy because today is the day we terakir menginjakan foot in our school that is "High School 2 Bitung" on this show we get our diploma with a satisfactory value. actually the most fun was the high school because at this time I started with berbain music and playing musical instruments, so at this time some of my friends made a band with the name "Aikawa Band". I was a child moving from high school two Biak. It was in Papua

Our school is no less great with other schools in the country and abroad because many of my friends who won several Olympic games as well as in sports like basketball.

This is the "Cindy Viollete Tewu" my friend this one is very good and I think he's also very beautiful. I never really fans of him. The most annoying but he likes to open secret at his friends and laughed at me but he's a good man I'm glad to be friends with him. he now lectures at university with me but he majored in psychology. He often helped me in terms of lessons are also other things that I do not know. 

This photo was taken in the area "the hill of prayer" which was situated in Tomohon. In this area tells the story of The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. if you come to this place you will think of many things about yourself and your doings.

It is also my friend Cindy. name "Deysi Sentinuwo". He is a clever child much less about math and physics. In doing tasks he had no need to look at the book again because everyone was in the memorized and understands them. He is also a very good friend but I think there are things I hate most of him is he's an easy emotion and bad-tempered and sometimes the words in said it was not on purpose so that makes some people take offense but I explain once again he is a good friend and adults.

This is Viky contemplation he is the best friend who knows all about me because me and her roommate. He is a clever boy too often won various competitions olompiade physics and mathematics as well as many seminars he has followed to make this child more intelligent. but this kid is very talkative and I like the style of analysis tetnang everything that was great. He often gave me the motivation to learn. many of which I found from him like learning about computers. I already take it as my brother because he was also close with my family. He also worked in the field of medicine. and he enjoys helping people that's the most I like from him and the child is most diligent worship. "Viky Samadi".

I also have a friend who bloody china. He is very clever with math and he is also clever analysis. He was a classmate until my roommate and he is the holder of the drum in our band if Viki is a keyboard player. Oh I did not introduce his name. his name is Stephanus Pitoy and I call him "Epen. " He is also clever in terms of computer hardware and software as well. Now he enrolled at the State University of Manado the same with me but he majored in Mathematics and he is also a teacher candidate.

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